About the Jobs category (and rules for posting)

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This category exists to bring employees and employers together. If you’re looking for a member of staff, or a job seeker hoping to get the attention of employers, this is the place to do it.

To avoid abuse of this category the rules listed below must be followed, as any posts breaking them will be deleted.

If you’re an employer, any roles advertised must:

  • be prefixed with [looking for staff]
  • be in within commutable distance of Birmingham (anywhere within the West Midlands) and include the name of the town in the title as a tag (e.g. [Leamington]).
  • be of direct interest to the Birmingham.IO community (e.g. development, design, etc).
  • list, or link to, relevant information about the role including:
  • The name of the company (along with a link to their website).
  • A full job specification.
  • Who to contact for more information.
  • How to apply.

If you’re a job seeker, posts looking for work must:

  • be prefixed with [looking for work]
  • be posted from the job seeker’s own account (not posted on behalf of someone else).
  • (anyone seeking work via this category should be involved in the community prior to posting, at the very least having posted an introduction)
  • list, or link to, information about the skills, interests and experience, for example:
  • a CV.
  • a personal site.
  • their LinkedIN profile.
  • their GitHub and/or BitBucket page
  • They should be looking for, or willing to accept a job, within commutable distance of Birmingham.

If you’re a freelancer:

We created Birmingham Freelancers specifically for you - pop on over to add your details to the list.

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