A web site for South Staffordshire Green Party PPC

South Staffs Green Party Parliamentary Candidate @clairemcilvenna doesn’t have a web site. She was a very late candidate addition and last tweeted on 1 April. (I’ve seen pictures of her in Australia on Facebook, so suspect she had pre-booked an unfortunately timed holiday.) I got in touch to check if she really existed and why she isn’t visible on the Real Internet She doesn’t have any resources because there is no South Staffs Green Party yet. I don’t believe in party politics but while we have that system, I’d like it to see a fair fight.

I volunteered to set her up a quick and dirty web site. Unless someone here stops me and takes over today, it will be a free Wordpress site. I shall start gathering ‘content’.

Something like a squarespace cover page would suit them maybe? Have you actually spoken to them? Maybe they should have thought of this if they wanted more voters? Last time I voted green the guy got about 4 votes. I was happy to have been one of those votes but maybe they ought to start taking themselves more seriously?

I have had email. I think she pretty much got drafted in on the last day for registration. She’s a climate change activist from Womborne. That’s all I have.
She was refreshingly honest about her chances but S. Staffs is a very safe Conservative seat. The only possible opposition would be LibDems and everyone is obsessed about them backing down on student fees when there wasn’t any money left. Use your protest vote wisely.

There’s a page here where web skills can be volunteered.

The site isn’t too bad but it doesn’t include South Staffs, so I’ve asked for info. about getting plugged into their domain tree.

The “Open Source” Tech is:

I just got an email from South Staffs Green candidate @clairemcilvena. I’d asked why I’d seen no trace of her. She doesn’t seem to have a web page. If any individuals did want to help the Greens, this would seem an appropriate way to do it. Who is going to view for them if we can’t find out who they are? Seems greener than leaflet drops too.

She’s on Facebook. We’re friends now :slight_smile:

OK, no reply. I volunteered. Surprisingly, she does want help. Unless someone better at web than me steps in now, she will be represented by a Wordpress site. I’m hoping that will annoy someone else into taking over from me :slight_smile: I’m going to start collecting information now. She’s too busy to talk until the weekend. I’ll move this to the project page.

Ha, an interesting tactic, one I’m tempted to respond to - but I won’t. Not that I don’t want to help, but I just don’t have the time right now. Plus, I’m no designer - whatever I end up producing will probably make her end up looking worse.

Wait until you see what I do :smile:

It’s a great idea. I’d be willing to help with it if you need.

If you’re gonna write actual code for this will it be open source and on GitHub. I’d happily contribute.

Anything to bring down the Conservatives.

This is all I have done:

It’s very temporary solution because they seem to have a fairly decent web platform but they haven’t put her on it.

Look at the link above. It sounds like you have the skills they need.

I’m adding ‘Dodgy Wordpress sites’ to my CV. “Web sites in a half a day. No content needs to be provided.”

Well good luck to her, but barring a ma-hoo-sive desertion of Conservative voters to UKIP resulting in a 26 point swing (and UKIP winning the seat), I think the tories have pretty much got this one sewn up, sorry @Banford.

Most credible opposition in this election would actually be Labour, however for Green voters they’d be better switching to Lib Dems; not fully (or even closely) in line with most Green policies, however of the 4 parties with any chance of retaining their deposits in South Staffs, the Lib Dems are the “greenest” (probably beaten into 4th in this election though: predict CON-LAB-UKIP-LD, although it could be a close call between LAB and UKIP for 2nd).

DoI: I’m a Lib Dem party member actively working to support a candidate in another seat.

I voted LibDem in the last election and fully understand why they couldn’t keep their promise on tuition fees. The last straw for me was the conference voting to allow fracking. LibDems appear to have swung heavily right during the coalition. My decision to vote Green is to send all the other parties a message that fiscal policy doesn’t matter if you don’t have a planet you can live on.

This is pretty much my opinion too. I don’t care too much about GDP and the economy. I want people to be happy. I vote based on what I agree with not based on tactics.

I know there is little chance of removing the conservatives yet, and I wasn’t directly talking about this election in the short term.

Last night, to say thanks for my contribution, Claire invited me to her house for a celebratory party with the Dudley Greens who she had supported during the election. Dress was informal and I’d just got back from Festival of Code in my new Open Rights Group T-shirt and I thought it might be a conversation starter. So, when Natalie Bennett arrived for dinner, she asked me if I was campaigning. I explained I’d been wearing it to represent ORG Brum about the Snoopers Charter but was a newbie. Someone else asked what the Snooper’s Charter was. She explained. No briefing. She gets it.

There was quite a lot of talk about evidence-based politics amongst the assembled Greens. Quite an intellectual lot, very knowledgeable about Labour. Not a Druid or tree hugger in sight. I mostly sat with atheists. The guy I listened to most was an ex-marketing consultant. They all just seemed to think that capitalism is on a collision course with the planet. I didn’t hear anyone say anything I disagreed with all night.

Natalie :-/ said they have a history of poor IT run by volunteers but they now have a skeleton staff to co-ordinate efforts, so hope to improve things quickly.

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