A Simple Explanation of Pull-Down and Pull-Up Resistors

(Marc Cooper) #1

This confused the heck out of me when I played with the Arduino:


This is nice, simple explanation.

(Daniel Hollands) #2

Amazing. I found this very post a few days ago, but only got as far as reading half of it (on a four-minute article, I know I know :expressionless:), so thanks for reminding me it existed :slight_smile:

(Taron Foxworth) #3

It’s sooooo cool to see that Birmingham has a community like this!

I’m happy you guys enjoyed the article :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #4

Hi @anaptfox, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I see you work for Losant, I was playing with that a few days ago, mostly just following the walkthrough, but when I got to the end of it, I was still none the wiser what I should actually use it for.

(Taron Foxworth) #5

Interesting. I’ll see if I can improve that. The walkthrough was meant to get you started without any hardware. If you have any recommendations there, I would love to hear them!

Overall, Losant makes it easy to connect your hardware to the cloud. To do this, we provide Device Managment, Security, Workflows ( to react to data ), Dashboards, etc. All these things are there to make better use of the data or to control your hardware from the cloud.

Did that help? If not, I can just come down to Birmingham and give a workshop. You also get to take home some free hardware.

(Daniel Hollands) #6

My knowledge is going in the right direction. I think the problem is Losant does just so much, it’s difficult to know where to begin - and again - to what end. My problem is always that of finding cool things like this, but never knowing what to use them for.

That’s a very cool possibility (as long as you’re aware it’s Birmingham in the UK).

There are a fair number of meetup groups within the city, covering a whole host of topics and technologies, but I can’t think of any one group in particular that this would be best suited to, so I’d be happy to organise a general birmingham.io-based one-off event - I think it might have a fair amount of interest.

What sort of numbers would you need to make it worth it?

(Sorry for hijacking your thread, @auxbuss)

(Marc Cooper) #7

I’m used to your ways :smiley: Anything that stimulates conversation is good :thumbsup: