A Silicon Canal Regatta? Iteration 1 - the Brum Coracle

(Andy Wootton) #1

This is a place-holder. I’ll come back and explain it properly some time when I’m done with my previous mad idea.

‘For some reason’ I didn’t get much interest in this blog post in October but after mentioning it on Twitter in relation to an art project, there have been a few hits today:

What if lots of people made a cheap coracle out of tat and met up in late summer for a relatively non-competitive community regatta on the canal? Techies, makers, artists, sporty folks, architects, just problem solving together in teams then meeting up to show off, network and make new friends. Please water-proof your Fitbits.

(My long-term plan is to build a thriving new economy based on boat-building
and create the worlds first human-powered inland navy of small boats but that sounds a bit bonkers so try to keep it quiet.)

btw I have no idea how to organise something like this.

(Andy Wootton) #2

This proposal has not been ‘an overnight success’. I still plan to make a coracle.

(Andy Wootton) #3

What about now, after a historic boat race? I was always expecting women to take part on the same day.

(Andy Wootton) #4

I realise that the interest in this topic has been precisely zero and I’m talking to myself again but a co-inky-dink just happened. I joined brumtech Slack and saw the talk of a pigeon as a logo. I associate them with London and thought about canals, then about silicon canal and wondered what the structure of silicon was. I found this (it takes a while to load):


That’s pretty much a Brum Coracle in silicon, for a silicon canal?

This may not be entirely obvious unless you’re familiar with geodesic domes but notice that the hexagons join in a pentagon. My alternative name for the Brum Coracle was Pentacle.