A Jabber/XMPP Instant Messaging service and gateways

I want to give an example from pop music here of why choosing the most popular isn’t the way to go but “it all sounds the same to me”, so I can’t.

I’ll add my xmpp address if I can find it but I don’t believe proprietary comms standards should be encouraged. Bad things happen when we blindly follow the easiest path.

I’ve spent many years arguing for worrying about choosing the right standards (interfaces) not products (shiny things) so we don’t get screwed, once dependent on single suppliers (points of failure.) I’ve learned not to expect anyone to listen too.

I just found something interesting. Having claimed IM was no good to me unless it was mobile, I realised I no longer had an xmpp client on my phone so went looking for one for Android. They seem to be fairly poor.

Then someone mentioned a Firefox app they recommended

That sounds close to being a webbable xmpp client to me, at least on Firefox.

It’s in github. See

Also Ubuntu Touch, according to … of above

but possibly ‘not entirely true’ according to issue 720 or 434 which says it stopped but there’s a branch im/tree/ubuntu-touch

I’ve also looked into what Diaspora* did about integrating chat. They are working on integrating which says it’s an xmpp server.

It seems to be a lot more but it includes

It sounds like an interesting concept. How do you see this playing out though? I mean, where do we start? What do we need in terms of time and resources and how many people need to be involved?

What will be the first thing we do?

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I did, A Jabber/XMPP Instant Messaging service and gateways

As soon as I find my password on, I’m going to ‘Stage 1’.

I’m an Agilist. I don’t need a long term plan, just something that delivers value, fast. :grinning:

Here is a post about Google killing xmpp which links to a post saying they haven’t (but they mostly have.)

Sad times. I found my xmpp ID. It was The security certificate has expired, so I suspect it is dead.

BUT: I found this web thing that appears to support proper XMPP syndication, in exactly the way that Google Talk didn’t.

Prompted by @Steve_Pitchford’s invitation to join a Java group on Slack “All your team’s communications in one place” and a conversation I saw about people having to use Slack AND HipChat to talk to different people in their team, plus the conversations at SIlicon Canal last night about the battle between the Good of open standards and the Evil of proprietary monopolies, I thought I’d mention XMPP again :slight_smile:

Coming back to this thread for another look, I the Jappix web site looked dead but according to @jappixorg on Twitter, they fixed a security issue yesterday and WebRTC is already working, for video chat.

They also pointed at @xmppradar for monthly news.

@phazonoverload We talked about IRC being unsuitable for kids who are just starting out. Would XMPP work for YRS chat?

Freelab Messenger on Android has a few good scores and Apple support XMPP. Someone said Freelab is similar to paid-for ‘Conversations’. If only Brum had an XMPP server . . .

WRT the java meetup, I’d be happy to try to setup an XMPP gateway to Slack - if there is demand for it.

Slack incidentally, was requested by a couple of group members on twitter. I had been meaning to setup an off-meetup mailing list for a while, and it seemed like a good stop-gap.

What I’m finding is that turnout for Slack is a lot like turnout for physical meetings in terms of meetup registrations - ie mucj lower figure than reported group membership. I’m not convinced from my experience that Slack/IRC would benefit - it might just compete aganst it’s-self by shifting some of the interactions off the forum, reducing percieved discussion, and hence become less inticing to new members.


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The gateway sounds a very good idea Steve, so that someone who tries to ‘do the right thing’ at least isn’t punished for it.

I must confess I’m not a big user of IM myself, believing that ‘talking in public’ wherever possible has the greatest value to any group, as long as others can ignore it, but many seem to prefer privacy by default, as though being seen not to know everything is a weakness only to be exposed to your closest friends. I’m ignorant about quite a lot so I assume everyone else is too. :grinning:

Waking a zombie thread:

I’ve discovered that Jitsi may have the XMPP server I was looking for in 2015.

There are some interesting performance figures on the video gateway:

Jitsi Meet is mentioned in dispatches: and WebRTC with XMPP messaging

JItsi has embedded.

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