A blog for my failed side projects

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

I’ve looked back on most to all of my posts, on here, and thought…man, I was really pressing for a side project.

For some, their side project took off in matter of weeks to months. Some people have many followers while some had few. One of my side projects had exactly 934 subscribers and the funny thing was, none wanted to participate :man_shrugging:t4:I did worked hard for a Ruby on Rails job but that never happened. I only focused on that role and no other language. I’ve been telling friends and people that I don’t know with career issues that your career is in their hands. Only you can change it. You can be anything you want in life – it’s not hard.

I was never really a web developer, I was a computer technician, the one that repairs to component-level. I was making a good money until an old guy said to me that this industry will die. I saw that my income was reducing significantly then I remembered the old guy. Few months later I bought my first programming book for ruby and here I am today working for a company that does not use ruby :sweat_smile:

I have a ton of projects on my laptop. I had time on my hands to cd in their respective directory and spin up a localhost. I smiled. I paused reminiscing as if it was 2013. My head leaned to the right, clicking on cta buttons and resetting passwords etc. Suddenly, the final destination hits; to go through each old projects, upgrade where possible and make a blog. A blog for other people to see but most importantly, for me to look back on years to come. Actually, I have just started with a blog. I work on that blog every early mornings.

My next move? Learn new technologies, maybe a side gig here and there thanks to Steve, and blogging about my failed side projects. I’d love to talk but…I’m on the stammering side of things so that will definitely wait :grin:Until then, :v:t3:

For slack: I sign in where possible as I was battling personal issues (family issues).