£20 for 60-minute face-to-face usability test (Snow Hill area)

(Giles Anderson) #1

Hello all.

I’m the UX designer at Packt (www.packtpub.com), and, as previously, I am running usability testing in the next two weeks (e.g., from July 17-28) in our offices in central Birmingham by Snow Hill train station.

The test will take around 60 minutes, and involve you testing how easy it is to use our website.

You don’t need to be a techie to take part. Just having bought something online would be more than fine.

In return, you’ll get £20.

If you are interested, please choose a slot here (https://calendly.com/mapt/usability_10).

Please note, if you have bought lots of Packt books or videos, you are cannot take part.

Thank you for your time.


(Jim Seconde) #2

Think I know someone who will be interested in this

(Giles Anderson) #3

Thanks Jim.

I have enough people to test at the moment, but will be testing in the near future.

I’ll send you a message when this happens, if that is okay?



(Jon) #4

Ah, I was going to pop over. If you still need more candidates, ping me a private message. I’m a techie, but I’ve not used the Packt website, to my recollection.

(Giles Anderson) #5

Thanks Jon.

Will let you know when I need more people.

That would be really useful.



(Jim Seconde) #6

@drgmanderson OK, the slots are still open and my girlfriend booked yesterday and got a confirmation. Is this still happening, because otherwise it’s a wasted trip!

(Jon) #7

Ooh no, Birmingham centre is never a wasted trip. :wink:

(Giles Anderson) #8

JimYes, the slots are still open so it won’t be a wasted trip.Sorry, I got a poor response from Birmingham.io so had to recruit elsewhere.
Apologies for the confusion.Giles

(Jim Seconde) #9

OK, so if someone has a slot today, then still go to it?

The followup is even more confusing as you’re saying to went to recruit elsewhere, but the slot that was booked today is still okay even though it came through here.

@halfer Wasted trip in terms of 40 mins, maybe less - I live in the city centre!

(Giles Anderson) #10


Today is fine, thanks.

I am merely cancelling slots next week and didn’t realise your girlfriend had already signed up.

Again, apologies for the confusion.